Ginna interviews General Wesley Clark

General Wesley Clark, former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO and Presidential Candidate.

Ginna interviews Gene Karpinski – League of Conservation Voters

Ginna interviews Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn

Ginna Kelly interviews Bill Ritter – Former Governor of Colorado

If you focus on a clean energy policy it is possible to achieve emission reductions. For example, the State of Colorado has a 30% renewable energy standard.  As a nation, this is very achievable but it will take political will. Even in the worst of recessions, Governor Ritter proved that Colorado could create jobs.

Ginna Kelly on Capitol Hill

Ginna Kelly Interviews Bill Stetson

Ginna Kelly interviews Colorado State Senator Gail Schwartz

Ginna Kelly interviews Mick Ireland – Mayor of Aspen

Ginna Kelly interviews Jerry Cope – Environmental Activist

Ginna Kelly interviews Harris Sherman – U.S. Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment